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Training Education Knowledge

Advisory is not merely confined to indicating what levels to buy and sell at. It is a client-specific and considers the big picture. It is the end-to-end management among different asset classes while staying within the confines of clients risk management framework.

  • With over 50 years of combined experience in treasury and risk management, we help our client to understand and invest in the best asset classes that give them a better ROI
  • The Advisor briefs the client daily on the latest market development, major risk events ahead and likely impact on currencies and commodities
  • The client gets access to WSA economic calendar daily and weekly research reports on major currencies
  • Discussions with our senior advisor on your FX exposures
  • Discussion on your trade finance requirements

Having a portfolio management policy instils a sense of confidence among investors about the firm's attitude towards risk and its ability to manage the same

  • A well-articulated portfolio management policy is the cornerstone of a robust risk management framework that is standardized, systematic and consistent.
  • It is a systematic approach towards identifying measuring monitoring and mitigating risk
  • We engage with the client to draft policies on :

    a) FX risk management: It involves assessing the vulnerability of the firms operating profit to FX volatility, to what extent in FX risk considered in product/service pricing decisions whether to hedge position exposure based on a gross and net basis.
    b) Interest rate risk management: It involves hedging the risk based on the interest rate announced by central banks on either dovish/hawkish outlook.

What we have for you

Our knowledge and training modules offer a unique, timely and holistic perspective on market development as well as up to date information on the latest trends and best practices in every aspect of FX management.


  • Our research desk comprises of economic calendar, technical and quant analysis who keep a close eye on market development to offer a unique perspective and incisive analyses.


  • Our research desk comprises of economic calendar, technical and quant analysis who keep a close eye on market development to offer a unique perspective, incisive analyses and Education.


  • Leverage WSA network to gain knowledge by interacting with experienced professional traders and those bright minds in the field of investment.

International Market Training Course

a) Currency market (FX)
  • Understanding the beginner, advanced and expert level of FX and CFD market
  • Understanding the pair trading
  • Applied tools, techniques, strategies used in trading international currencies and commodities market
  • Understanding to handle own portfolio
  • Risk and money management
  • Simulation trading account with an applied Strategies on MT4, using Bloomberg terminal, Reuters, investing.com and forex factory
b) Commodity market: (COMEX,MCX,Silver,Gold,Crude oil)
  • Understanding the macroeconomic features effecting the commodities segment
  • Understanding the demand and supply of the market
  • Average strategies used
  • Hedging strategies used in the commodities market
  • Arbitrage mechanism used in COMEX

Our FX managed account services give investors a unique opportunity to participate in entirely new class besides the conventional ones i.e. Equity, Debt and Options. The client entrusts WSA to advise trades in an exchange-traded currency based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Why currency as an asset class? What is its USP?

Currency is likely to evolve as an asset class as we move towards liberalization and greater convertibility as is, therefore, likely to offer exciting opportunities. Currency is one of the most liquid asset classes and is a barometer for prevailing risk sentiment


Wall Street Advisory executes directional, carry and volume strategies in client account using WSA Registered Accounts-MAMM/PAMM quant-based model. This model has been to rigorous backtesting. The idea is to limit human involvement to the extent possible so as to prevent behavioural biases from creeping in.

Who can invest?

WSA creates FX management accounts services to Individuals, HNI’s, NRI’s and corporates.

Reporting and Risk Management

Various risk limit has been established. These risk limit are monitored on a continuous basis and are strictly adhered to a worst-case scenario MAMM analysis is conducted on the portfolio to get a sense of the maximum drawdown. The performance of the managed account is reported to the client on a daily basis is a standardized format

Internship @ Wall Street Advisory

Wall Street Advisory invites fresh MBA and graduates specialized in Finance and Marketing. We provide complete education and training experience focusing on trading using fundamental and technical analysis, risk management with the highly developed skill of execution of any trading.

We offer technology-based education and training to our students and help them understand on live market. Our objectives of this internship program are to focus on being the most reliable, prompt and efficient training program in India. We strive to be an immense help to our investor and learners to provide help regarding the FX market, commodities market (including gold, silver, platinum etc), crude oil, investment planning etc.

About the Internship

  • Understanding and working on FX, CFD and commodities market
  • Understanding and working on pair trading
  • Applying tools, techniques, strategies used in trading international currencies and commodities
  • Handling risk and money management
  • Fixing up an appointment with HNI prospects making a presentation following up and closing the prospects
  • Examine the risk and reward involved in the market

Who can apply

  • Are available for the duration of 2 months
  • Have relevant skills and interest
  • Women willing to start/restart their career can also apply


  • Certificate
  • pre-placement offer
  • Flexible work timing
  • 5 days a week