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One of the world’s first currencies and the standard for government-issued money for hundreds of years, metals are still immensely popular trading instruments. Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium even commodity metals like copper have multiple application from electronics to jewellery - even your car’s catalytic converter has platinum and palladium in it.

Metal Symbol
Gold XAU
Silver XAG
Palladium XPD
Platinum XPT
Copper CPR

Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium are not only desirable due to their lustre and decorative appeal, but because of their industrial applications. Platinum is an inert metal meaning it does not react with other chemicals, gold, silver, palladium and copper are all used extensively in electronics and manufacturing.

Metals are extremely popular amongst traders and it is usually recommended by financial advisors to have some sort of investment in metals when trading other instruments. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest appeal is that generally when markets are volatile and currencies are down metals increase in price. This is due to people investing in metals because they are considered safe-havens meaning types of trading instruments that markets believe are “safer” or their price is more stable than other instruments.

CFD metals allow you to trade on the price movement of the metal but don’t obligate you to actually buy it. This allows for more freedom when trading – because when you want to buy the actual metal you have to find someone that sells it at the price you want to pay and when you sell it you have to find someone to buy it at the price you want to get. Another benefit is that you can buy and sell CFDs without owning the actual metal. This means if you think the price of metal is going up, you can “buy” (or go long as is known in traders’ lingo) if you think the price is going down, you can “sell” (or go short). In both cases you will be able to take advantage of the difference in price between the time you “open” the position (essentially start the trade) and “closed” it (or stopped the trade)..

Wallstreet Enterprise is a renowned manufacturer of oil recycling system and transformer oil purification plants Drawing on decades of experience and continuous innovation WSA has built a worldwide reputation for products and the excellent performance of its services. We extent to make a difference by recycling the oil from cars, trucks, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and lawnmower. ​ ​By dropping off your used motor oil today you help prevent pollution and conserve energy for a safer and healthier tomorrow.

Our waste collection process:

Used/Waste oil refining process:

Flow chart and process flow chart:

Wallstreet Enterprise ​provides unmatched expertise in Granite Business. We are the recognized leaders in innovation and excellence since 2007.​ (visit @ thegraniteco.com)

At Wallstreet enterprise, ​our streamlined process can get you the stone countertops you’ve always wanted. From your first foot in our showroom to post-installation, we’ll assist you at every step. Wondering what your experience might look like? View our ten-step process.

Sustainability :

The work we do today will have an impact on countless future generations—and we don’t take the responsibility lightly. We follow a comprehensive approach to sustainability, one that reduces our environmental impact and fosters positive community interactions in all aspects of our business. It is our instinct to constantly seek out new solutions and to create meaningful and sustained change today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Wallstreet Enterprise Has been a leading player in major and smaller products in Greece, Turkey, Europe and other markets overseas as it impacts, processes and supplies granite and marble products ​of exceptional quality, applying a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and offering its customers the necessary CE marking, according to the Indian Regulation.

Wallstreet Enterprise company's outstanding varieties of natural and engineered stone slabs, its standardized or cut-to-size products, its powerful sales network, experienced and greatly specialized technical staff as well as its highly qualified and effective management team guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.

Having an ultra-modern factory in Selum, branches in Chennai and international co-operations such as the exclusive promotion in Greece, Turkey, Europe etc help us to stand at the top!

In a world full of beauty quick fixes and chemically aided makeovers, Proganic+ chooses the path of nurture. Backed by extensive research and development, we offer healthy solutions for skin, hair and beauty care. The focus is on the deep repair that comes from within, without any harmful side effects. Just as in nature.

Organically Farmed

The botanicals we use are either organic or harvested without chemical contamination from wild forests.

  • Ethically-Sourced :

    We collect our ingredients through NGOs who work with local farmers and communities. Ethical harvesting practices are used to encourage forest regeneration, and to prevent exploitation.

  • No Harsh Chemicals:

    We list every ingredient that goes into our products. We do not use petroleum-based products, SLS/SLES, silicones, parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanols or artificial fragrances and colours.

  • Freshly Made And In-House:

    The active botanical extracts that enrich our products are painstakingly made in-house in true Ayurvedic tradition. This means healthy products full of beneficial properties.

    Our partners and customers belong to all ages, genders and nationalities. Their numbers humble us. They allow us to reach out to many more small organic farmers and improve their incomes, bring newer and better quality herbs and natural ingredients, and develop innovations for better health and wellness.

    With 25 years of experience in the FMCG market, we ensure to maintain quality. Our products were carefully manufactured which does not give any side effects. The products are tested positive & were manufactured as per the highest quality standards.

    “Under Eye Gel, Soap, Sun Tan Removal, Hair Oil & Conditioner, Anti Acne Gel, Diabetic Syrup” - products varieties at Progantic+.

Wallstreet Enterprise

Nothing else shines like Italian silver. ​For many people, it can be difficult to understand the difference between two commonly used terms: Sterling silver and Italian silver.

The first thing to understand is that sterling silver is a type of silver alloy and Italian silver is a style and quality of craftsmanship.

Silver comes in a number of grades based on its purity.

Grades Of Silver Alloy

999 fine Silver Contains .001 trace metals.
9584 Britannia 95.84% silver + 4.16% copper.
925 Sterling 92.5% silver + 7.5% copper.
900 Coin 90% silver + 10% copper.
830 European 83% silver + 17% copper.
800 European 80% silver + 20% copper.

Most quality jewellery is made from sterling silver, .925. This is stamped on the item someplace to denote the level of purity and hence the quality of the item

When buying silver for investment, people purchase .999 fine silver giving them the purest silver possible. The other grades of silver have application ranging from jewellery to industrial uses.

what is Italian silver?

Italian silver denotes a particular level of craftsmanship. In fact, Italian silver craftsmanship is so good that the Italian govt protects it buying a stamp on every piece. This stamp makes it clear that the piece, whether its jewellery or a teapot or what have you, made by a certified Italian craftsperson.

The reason that Italian silver work is so prized is the fine quality of both the metal and the workmanship that goes into each piece. ​For over two thousand years, Italian craftsmen have been making much of the world's finest ​wearable art. In fact the metal chain got its start in Italy. The art has been handed down from master to apprentice since the roman empire.

In 1870 the Italian govt unified and created a system to help consumers identify the maker of every piece of silver jewellery and housewares​. Each piece is stamped with the purity(.800 or .925) and​ ​a mark that has been approved by the Italian government. Often this mark accompanies the maker's mark that shows who made the piece.

What To Know About Italian Silver

Silver making and jewellery in Italy is a competitive market. Designers and Craftsman are always working to create unique design and outstanding quality.

When looking for Italian silver it starts with finding a reputed dealer.

Wallstreet Enterprise the master channel partner and ​Training Center for inter pan (​www.interpanpacific.com​) backed by a large financial Inter Pan group with over $16 billion assets under management.

WAS is one of the pioneers in India, Providing information and training on Global financial markets, specializing in Bullion, Oil, Foreign Currencies trading, Overseas trading.

Wallstreet Enterprise:

Information Training centre for Pan India.


We Train you in FX, Currencies pair trading and provide training for beginner level, Expert level and Advance level on Technical and Fundamental analysis


We train you to trade 15 index CFDs and take a position according to your view on the overall market


We train and educate you on how to invest in Gold and Silver and take advantage of our advanced platform and no deposit fees policy

Oil Range:

​We train you on Brent crude and ​WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil​, on how to trade in international markets.