Our Philosophy

Wall street Advisory is the authorized information centre for interpan, and one of the most prominent training and education centre in India. We mainly focus on Advisory service, Overseas Investment, Wealth management and Provide Training in the field of CFD, COMEX, FX and MCX.

Our main focus is to facilitate individuals, corporates, investor and retail trader as a torchlight to show the path of a secured source of passive income.

Who We Serve

Wall street Advisory is committed to educate and transform the way people invest and trade their hard-earned money. Our goal is to financially empower millions of investor and traders to help understand the better side of the financial market. Our distinct clientele list included.

Export And Import Companies

Private Equity

HNI And Family Offices

Global Trading Firms
And MNCs

Foreign Institutional

Fintech And Ecommerce Companies

WSA has a well-balanced team of traders, economists, Quant Analyst and trade finance professionals with expertise across asset classes like FX, COMEX, CFD equities and commodities. WSA focuses on staying ahead with the latest technology and regulatory development while finding ways in which these can value to our clients. We continuously enhance our research capabilities and develop our client


WSA believes that mutual trust and respect are the cornerstones of doing business over the long haul. We value the trust clients place with us in delegating management of crucial treasury function and understand the responsibility that comes with it. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the confidentiality of data shared with us is preserved.


WSA has a well balanced of experienced traders and finance profile who are experts in across assets classes like FX, Commodities, Crude oil etc. We shared our best in hand experience with the clients to ensure ultimate results on client wants.


We combine the discipline of risk management, research and technology to create optimal FX trading and investment strategies with the regulatory framework. Our proven knowledge of the markets, pricing and modelling skills and application of technology, work together to create tangible impact, improve market efficiency and capture opportunities.


To ​Train, Educate and provide Knowledge ​on ins and outs of the financial market ​to the investing public and provide a complete understanding of the financial market. So that they may exploit the maximum benefits.
To give​ ​the most credible and reliable advice to individual investors, firms, commercial enterprises, companies and corporates in stock trading, currency trading, index trading, F&O trading for Indian and Overseas market.
To engage with all the stakeholders and help create an organisation that is conducive for continuous education and knowledge sharing while promoting healthy and fair competition.


To become the most reliable Training, Education and Knowledge provider globally. With a wide range of financial products that serve clients globally​. To be the GO-TO Training, consultant and advisory service providers on stock trading, currency trading, index trading, F&O trading for Indian and Overseas market.


We believe that the success of our clients, our programs participants and all those whom we are able to help with our services are a true reflection of our success. Our belief and values define what we stand and determine towards what we work.


We believe in ourself, our client and our competencies. We know what WE CAN DO, we say WHAT WE KNOW, and most importantly WE DO WHAT WE SAY.


We are committed to the quality of services at every platform, which ultimately leads to better performance and results

From the start, great leaders were the true heart of Wallstreet Advisory and the visionaries that pushed our firm forward. Today is no different. Following in the footsteps of those before them, our leaders are driving Wallstreet Advisory to the next level of success by leading with integrity, value, innovation, commitment and cultivating our people to new opportunities and continuously expanding and diversifying our business

The training program not only just introduced me to the world of investment but gave me an insight and in-depth knowledge of COMEX, Oil trading and Currency trading, enabling me to diversify my business interest into trading of various asset classes.

Indeed very proud of my association with the TEAM.

Zeeshan Mujawar

Director Alpine Infotech Pvt Ltd,
Managing Director Mujawar Hotels Pvt Ltd.